Transforming the society to denounce all forms discrimination and embrace gender equality and human rights.

Advocates for Social Change Kenya (ADSOCK) formerly Men for Gender Equality Now (MEGEN) was established in 2001 during a regional Men to Men Conference that was held in Nairobi, Kenya and brought together men from six (6) African countries.  Following the regional conference, ADSOCK set out to demonstrate what a national movement could do, using different methodologies to reach out to men in diverse communities. Our experience helped us to broaden our thinking and look beyond Violence Against Women (VAW) and thus widen the scope of our thinking and engagement. As we interacted with different communities, the intersection between Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), HIV & AIDS and other social issues became apparent.

Communication & Advocacy

This programme seeks to strengthen the capacity of ADSOCK members and the public and to empower them with knowledge and skills to effectively address issues of sexual and gender based violence and the violation of their human rights, to share experiences and use the lessons learnt to reach others.

Capacity Building

This is built on the principles of empowerment, participation and inclusion, which are at the core of our mandate and central to human development. This is because we see disempowerment, discrimination, voicelessness, marginalisation and exclusion as major causes as well as results of poverty, conflict and suffering.

Research Development

ADSOCK endeavors to develop programmes and projects that are moving from discovery to goal oriented and therefore address the needs of the diverse communities that it serves. To this end, the research and development programme is tasked with the responsibilities of conducting baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation of ADSOCK activities

Survivor Support

As the name suggests, this programme was designed with a sole motive of reaching out to survivors of SGBV and helping them to access justice and other comprehensive care and support services that can help them regain their confidence, dignity, healing and productivity. ADSOCK believes that unless people can influence decisions that directly affect their lives