Advocates for Social Change Kenya (ADSOCK)

Advocates For Social Change Kenya (ADSOCK)


Working towards a just society for all, where everyone’s rights are respected, their voices heard and heeded.


ADSOCK will pursue its vision through exemplary leadership, service to humanity, alliance building between females and males with an aim of ensuring a harmonious and just society for all.
Nurturing Positive Masculinity

Advocates For Social Change Kenya (ADSOCK)

Advocates for Social Change Kenya (ADSOCK) was established in 2001 and over years, the bedrock of our programming and engagement are centered on community mobilisation, capacity strengthening, lobbying and advocacy activities in promoting gender equality and social justice. We focus more on collective and institutional levels of change by encouraging contextually nested approaches and collaborations to sustainably influence particularly men and boys through policy and practice at community and institutional levels.


A Guide for Shifting the Agenda: Making Every Social Issue Part of the AGENDA for Social Transformation

Our Programmatic Areas

Our Programs section is your gateway to understanding the transformative work we do. Learn about the initiatives that drive our mission to Transforming the society to denounce all forms discrimination and embrace gender equality and human rights.

Communication & Advocacy

This program seeks to build the capacity of the organization and the public by instilling knowledge and skills to effectively address social problems.

Capacity Building

This is built on the principles of empowerment, participation and inclusion, which are at the core of our mandate and central to human development.

Survivors Support

This program is designed with a sole motive of reaching out to survivors of Social injustices and helping them to access justice and other comprehensive care and support services that can help them regain their confidence, dignity, healing and productivity.

Research and Development

ADSOCK endeavours to develop program and projects that are moving from discovery to goal oriented and therefore address the needs of the diverse communities that it serves.
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