ADSOCK seeks to develop a comprehensive and centralized user friendly easy to use Android, IOS and Web-Based mobile application for. This is premised within the framework of the efforts exerted to ensure safe and free access to accurate information about SGBV prevention and response services along with the high trend to investing digital platforms in providing solutions for the challenging issues.

The task of the service provider i.e., the MobWapp Developer, will be to design, develop and launch of a multi-platform Mobile and Web-Based Application, following by testing of the application and a one-year technical support. The MobWapp will focus on presenting information about SGBVand potentially extended to be used for other crises in the Kenya on a need basis. For example: Update about prevalence, reports from survivors, providing timely alerts  about an SGBV case in a given local and procedures, health services, safety and security, information about access to services during emergency cases, receiving feedback from users, etc.

 Solution Scope:

The intended solution consists of two main modules:

  1. The Mobile Application: Accessible and user friendly;
  2. The Web-Based control panel: which will be used to administer the mobile application through a Content Management System (CMS).