A just and equitable society where females and males are valued equally.


Transforming the society to denounce all forms discrimination and embrace gender equality and human rights.


Our work is anchored within the following principle standards

  1. Commitment to Gender Equality and Social Justice: We listen and learn from our community and tailor our programs to address the root causes of communal problems.
  2. Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability: We serve as stewards for community development and work closely with all stakeholders to meet the current and future community needs. We hold ourselves to utmost standards of ethics, service, transparency and commitment to common goods.
  3. Inclusion and Non-Discrimination: We practice and advocate for inclusiveness in diverse communities. We honour different strengths, needs, voices and backgrounds of all members of the society.
  4. Innovation and Creativity: We strive for equity and focus primarily, but not exclusively on people who are vulnerable. We endeavour to apply innovative approaches in our programming with an aim of ensuring effective delivery of our services.

ADSOCK has collaborated with the following organizations

ADSOCK has made tremendous achievements because of the commitment of its own membership and the support of partners who had the foresight to appreciate the role of men in fighting gender inequality and specifically the elimination of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). The list below may not be exhaustive but the following partners including individuals have been key to our success.