As the name suggests, this programme was designed with a sole motive of reaching out to survivors of SGBV and helping them to access justice and other comprehensive care and support services that can help them regain their confidence, dignity, healing and productivity.

ADSOCK believes that unless people can influence decisions that directly affect their lives, they will remain excluded from mainstream development. The programme activities are designed and implemented in a manner that directly impacts on people’s capacity to recover, restore their dignity and also help others to overcome similar challenges.


  • Review and orientation sessions;
  • Paralegal training;
  • Rapid response and rescue missions;
  • Court attendance;
  • Psychosocial and Counselling sessions.

Strategic direction: Responding rapidly with an aim of providing support to survivors of SGBV and linking them to comprehensive care and support services.


  1. Support and facilitate survivors of (SGBV) in accessing comprehensive care services including access to health, justice, psychosocial support, safety and security, in order to ensure healing and restoration of dignity to survivors and their families;
  2. Collaborate with likeminded organizations to push for the implementation of legislations for the prevention and response to SGBV and the spread of HIV and AIDS.