This is built on the principles of empowerment, participation and inclusion, which are at the core of our mandate and central to human development. This is because we see disempowerment, discrimination, voicelessness, marginalisation and exclusion as major causes as well as results of poverty, conflict and suffering.

This programme is tasked with the responsibility of training and imparting vital knowledge and skills to ADSOCK members and the public on a range of issues including; human rights, leadership, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), Sexual & Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS, Peace Building and Conflict resolution. The strategies include training, encouraging inter-gender dialogues, civic education, networking and alliance building among others.


  • Capacity assessment and strengthening including raining of members and communities
  • Creation of opportunities for members and the community to apply the training for engaging men and boys;
  • Mobilising resources to allow ADSOCK membership to undertake activities;
  • Provide equipment for data generation and record keeping;
  • Building members capacity to carry out documentation of lessons learnt and good practices;
  • Conducting strategic (inter-gender & inter-generational) dialogues at different levels;
  • Building the capacity of community members and leaders to address SGBV, HIV & AIDS.

Strategic direction: To enhance knowledge and skills of the ADSOCK membership, staff and community leaders to generate resources required for the implementation of an expanded ADSOCK programme.


  1. Build the capacity of its members and communities to understand, promote and apply gender equality principles and to acquire positive masculinities and femininities;
  2. Generate the resources required for supporting and sustaining the functions of ADSOCK in realization of its goals.