ADSOCK endeavors to develop programmes and projects that are moving from discovery to goal oriented and therefore address the needs of the diverse communities that it serves. To this end, the research and development programme is tasked with the responsibilities of conducting baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation of ADSOCK activities thus enabling the organisation to work from a point of knowledge rather than assumption. The research component helps in identifying needs, entry points for project interventions and the basis for designing appropriate intervention, prevention and response strategies.

The programme also aims to establish integrated results based management culture and support system to generate, process, document and share ADSOCK lessons and achievements. The evaluation function and culture helps in generating-evidence on the strategic plan implementation for learning, decision-making, and accountability in all areas of ADSOCK work.


  • Develop a participatory research protocol and share it with key actors;
  • Desk reviews;
  • In-depth interviews;
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGDs);
  • Documentation, information sharing and dissemination of data and findings;

Strategic direction: Developing systematic ways of investigating, assessing, documenting information on gender justice, human rights, SGBV, HIV & AIDS together with the survivors, service providers and other beneficiaries.


  1. Develop participatory research capacity by designing and using appropriate approaches; tools and enhancing skills of the ADSOCK membership to generate data, insights and case studies for generating evidence of ADSOCK impact of working with men and boys;
  2. Collaborate with likeminded organizations to undertake research, documentation and dissemination of good practices and experiences in working with men and boys to end SGBV and promotion of gender equality.